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Links of Love is part of the Redeeming Families Ministry of Acton Baptist Church. The mission of the Redeeming Families Ministry’s Mission is to “provide the opportunity for and implementation of Divine healing in the souls of adults and their families from broken homes in Hood County so that they and their families can walk in the satisfying Light of Jesus Christ”. 

Links of Love Provides:

Support and encouragement for families seeking to adopt or provide foster care to children who have experienced trauma, abandonment, and neglect and are in need of loving families to care for them until the broken homes from which they came are healed or it is determined that they need a forever home where they will grow and heal.

Links of Love also endeavors to develop individuals and families that feel called of God to provide support and assistance to families that are adopting or fostering these precious children by providing respite care and/or babysitting.

The Links of Love Team consists of the following:

Judy Lenard coordinates and helps keep the team moving forward within the church and out in the community of Hood County.

Clothes Closet is currently vacant. The job of that position is to keep the closet stocked with necessities for emergency placement of infants and toddlers, such as bottles, diapers, as well as gift cards for clothing and other needs. Frequently children are removed from situations with nothing more than the clothes on their back and often without any other clothing or items of comfort and the families receiving these children have no time to prepare for them. This is a temporary assistance when needed to the families at the beginning of the child’s placement.

Meal Train is coordinated by Mona Dolan. Meal Train is an email application that allows the church to- provide support to families for a period of time after a child or children are placed in the home of a foster or adoptive family. An email can be sent out to a group of volunteers that have signed up to provide meals and the volunteer can indicate the date or dates they are willing to provide a meal. They can even indicate what food they will bring which helps avoid multiple volunteers bringing the same meal. Also, the volunteer can make arrangements with area restaurants to deliver a meal to the family on a specific night. Reminders are sent as the volunteer indicates they would like to have them.

Respite & Babysitting Paperwork Liaison: Currently vacant. This job of this position provides paperwork support to those who wish to provide foster and adoptive families with babysitting and/or respite care. The requirements for babysitting and respite care are different depending on if the volunteer provides these services in the home of the family or in their own home. The person in this job will guide the volunteer through which ever service they wish to provide and make sure it gets turned in to the correct agency placing the children in the home.

Bible Study & Support is coordinated by Chris Roath. In this position Chris prepares Bible Study activities for the adoptive and foster parents to uplift and provide spiritual support. She also checks to see what needs the family has and involves the appropriate team member or the team as a whole to find help and/or resources for resolution of the need. 

Prayer Team: Prayer is essential and something everyone can do to further the calling of God’s people to do His Will. Currently prayer needs are submitted to the Acton Baptist Prayer Team Members for God’s guidance and follow-up is given them as needs are resolved or have changed.

CPR Needs are coordinated by Sharon Ransom, an American Heart Association CPR Instructor. This position provides for the CPR requirements for the foster and adoptive families as well as those providing babysitting or respite care for these families. Currently the only costs for getting the required Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid, CPR and AED are $2.50 for the student manual required by American Heart Association and $20.00 for the course completion E-card which provides proof that course has been taken and successfully completed that the placement agencies need. Classes are currently being offered once a month on a Saturday. The agency will provide you the necessary contact information.


Links of Love is also part of Hope Granbury, which includes the community of churches working together to provide support to one another in this mission. Hope Granbury works to provide community support to foster and adoptive families with Paperwork Events and Parents Night Out. The Paperwork Event provides a time for those seeking to foster, adopt, babysit or provide respite care assistance with paperwork required for roles with those available to answer questions. Parents Night Out will be a time for foster and adoptive parents a few hours of free time to have a date night, go shopping, get away for a bit, sleep, clean house, whatever the time is needed for is up to the parents. Parents Night Out also provides opportunities for the children to interact with other children while participating in fun activities at one of the churches.

In addition to the above, Hope Granbury provides an annual Match Event. This event showcases the children currently eligible for adoption by setting up tables with pictures and items that demonstrate the personality of the child or children that are ready to have a “Forever Home”. The agencies overseeing the care of these children are available to talk with interested families. This event also allows those parents considering adopting and/or fostering a child or children to talk to representatives of agencies as well as case workers and social workers about the process, requirements, and any other questions they may have regarding the requirements and availability of age ranges of children they are thinking about.

For More Information contact: Contact the church office at (817)326-4693 or email:

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