Trusting In The Character Of God

April 13, 2016

For the last several weeks I have been demonstrating the point that the Christian life is lived spiritually, not intellectually.  I believe that many in our Christian culture have intended a spiritual relationship with Jesus, but have settled for an intellectual one.  I know that while I went to Seminary and even before that, I was continually blown away by the things that I learned about God.  From the "I Am" statements of John, to the typology of the Old Testament that points to Jesus, to understanding the necessity of the three persons of the Trinity and on and on.  When a new understanding would hit me, I truly believe that I was affected spiritually.  Perhaps I even began to crave that spiritual inspiration.  However, the question becomes, is that the extent of a true Christian relationship with God?  I think not.  Time after time, Jesus and the Bible refer to "our side" of walking in a relationship with God as being accomplished through obedience.  (i.e. if you love Me, you will keep My commandments, faith without works is dead)  With that being the case, I can be inspired by the truth of the Bible and still remain disobedient.  Again, it is the difference between Revelation and Inspiration.  

While revelation is the spirit giving inspired teaching to my soul, I don't truly understand the deep truth of God in my soul until I have learned it through faithful obedience.  To experience that God is powerful and beyond the rules of this world in the context of the events and happenings of my life cause the truth and person of Christ to be firmly planted in my soul and therefore become life altering.  As I have always said, you can't live it until you learn it, but you aren't truly going to learn it, until you live it.  (Not sure if I came up with that, or I read it somewhere).  

That leads to the final step.  In order for me to live the truth and promises of God, I must follow the Spirit and deny the sinful nature.  In other words, I cannot rely on MY thinking, I must rely on the reasoning of God and HIS thinking.  This requires a living relationship where communication with a living God is reality.  And the only way that happens is spiritually.  As the Spirit of God speaks to my spirit (or soul, or pick).  Therefore, the Christian life goes from spiritual revelation, to spiritual communication, to spiritual faith in a spiritual reasoning.  Then when that truth is experienced, it is planted in my soul spiritually and brings about an altered life.  


I'd like to hear what you think.  Comment and let's go.  

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