The Importance Of Israel

June 21, 2016

Visiting Israel is a powerful thing.  As a Christian, I was impressed by the reality that not only was I physically walking where Jesus walked, the Holy Spirit of Jesus within me was retracing His own steps.  The things I was taught in the midst of that dynamic cannot be measured.  As I go through the process of having an exit interview with myself, one of the questions that I need to pursue is “what is the importance of Israel in the world?” 

If you take the Bible out of the equation, the Israel should hold no more or less importance than any other nation holds.  The only exception I can think of would be the sentiment that arises from World War II.  The treatment the Jews received during that time certainly deserves to receive some sentiment from the rest of the world.  Further, as World War II ended, the French went back to France, the Americans when back to the US, the English went back to their home, but the Jews did not have a nation to go back to.  The land of Israel itself, was still Israel.  The name Palestine was given while England had control of it.  That is not a Muslim name for the nation, in fact the Arab language doesn’t have a pronunciation for it.  In other words, “Palestinians” aren’t a people group.  When you take the Bible out of the equation, Israel’s only importance is as a people group without a home. 

When you add in the Scriptures to the equation, Israel’s importance is found both in the past and the future.  It is a fact that a large percentage of the earth’s population is Christian and just the mere reality that the land of Israel is where Jesus walked and the people of Israel were chosen by God to reveal Christ, makes them a very important nation.  To have the opportunity to walk where Jesus walked in a nation that is not only preserving, but is seeking to uncover more and more is amazing.  The reality however, that Muslims have erected a Mosque where God’s temple was is very disrespectful to the God of the Bible.  Other nations are very respectful of Biblical sights, but in Israel, while under Muslim control, they erected that “abomination that causes desolation,” over God’s historical house.  Israel is important to a large portion of the world because of her Biblical past.  Not only that, but her future as well.

Before 1948, it would have been thought impossible for the Jews to get their home back, but God found a way.  And it is in line with Biblical prophecy that God is gathering His children together again.  It is a miracle that we are seeing a modern day return from exile.  The last time God did that, He was setting up the coming of His Son.  This time…  In addition, the Bible speaks of a revival among the Jews before the end.  Right now Jews in Israel, though still very small in number, are coming to Jesus at higher rates than ever before.  In addition, the government is more and more involved in providing for Israel’s biblical past as well as future.  The Bible is playing itself out in front of our very eyes.  If God is who the Bible says He is, (and He is) then the importance of Israel exceeds the desires and thoughts of politicians or other nations. 

All of that to say.  Israel is of vital importance to the world and as believers in America, it is our responsibility to vote, persuade and proclaim accordingly.  To think that Biblical truth has nothing to do with history past or our future is ignorance.  Israel is part of that truth. 

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