Is Homosexuality A Sin

June 30, 2016

Is homosexuality a sin?  (Or transgender?)  When this question is asked in this culture, it is vital to get further information, because without the parameters being clarified, the secular world is making statements that are illogical about Christians.  The questions that need to be clarified are: 1) What is sin?  2) Who or what is this a sin against?  3) What is the standard or law being used?  4) Who is the judge of the standard?


It seems to me that this question is being asked of Christians in the context of a Christian Biblical world view, but Christians are being judged in the context of a Secular world view.  In a Biblical world view, sin is breaking God’s law.  Any transgression is against God Himself.  God’s law is written in the Bible.  And it is God Himself who will judge whether or not someone is guilty of breaking His laws. 

In a Secular world view, sin is the breaking of man’s law.  Sin is against another person.  Man’s law is written by our government.  And it is our justice system that determines if someone is guilty of breaking laws.  Therefore, when the Supreme Court determines that Homosexual Marriage is legal (setting aside arguments of their ability to do so), then it would be a “sin” to proclaim that homosexuality is a sin in a Secular world view. 


So, here is the scenario that plays out over and over in our world.  The question is asked of a Christian, “do you think homosexuality a sin?”  The Christian says, “yes,” because he assumes the person is asking if it is a sin against God.  Then, invariably the Christian will be told that he is judgmental, that he is old-fashioned, that he is mean to homosexuals and that he is unfair to people who are simply born that way.  In other words, the Christian is deemed a societal “sinner” if he believes that homosexuality is a sin.  In reality the Christian is not mean or judgmental, it is God who wrote the law and judges whether or not someone is guilty or innocent.  From a Christian standpoint, if someone has a problem with the law, their problem is with God, not man.  No mere man can judge the innocence or guilt of God’s law.  He can only report what the Bible says.  Incidentally, the Bible is clear in the Old Testament and New Testament that God has deemed homosexuality a sin.  There is no question.  Therefore, to socially condemn a Christian for reporting on God’s law is absurd.  To be more accurate, if someone has a problem with God’s designation that homosexuality is a sin, they should come out of the closet proclaiming that God Himself is mean, unfair and judgmental. 


The reason that Christian’s themselves are being attacked has nothing to do with the Bible, it has everything to do with whether or not God’s law is a valid standard for us as a nation.  Christians are being asked (or forced in some cases) to proclaim a Secular world view that is counter to the law of God because that is what is necessary in order for a Secular world view to be the determinative source for our laws.  A Christian, who believes that the Bible is without error and timeless, can never agree, not because he is mean, but because he believes that God is right.  As a result, the Christian will automatically believe that our nation would be better off if we seek to base our laws on God’s laws, without forcing individuals to believe.  That is what our founders did and our nation thrived, as good laws can help produce a good society.  Conversely, as the Secular world view continues to pervade our law-making and law-enforcing entities, that same luxury of freedom is not being afforded to Christians (The proposed California law against Christian universities is another example of this reality).  In the end, the Secular argument against Christians is schizophrenic.


I wrote this quickly and would like some feedback on how to improve it. 

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