camp 2024- Glorieta, New Mexico
June 11-17

In June of 2024, ABYM is heading to the beautiful foothills of the southern Rockies to Glorieta, New Mexico for a week of Bible study, worship, and fun.  A non-refundable $75 deposit is due by January 31st to hold your spot. The total cost for camp is $450 (minus deposit). If you need assistance, contact our youth pastor here: EMAIL JOSH

what is centrifuge?

At Centrifuge, students are divided into groups for recreation and Bible study based on age ranges by grade completed

Recreation is facilitated within Bible study groups by a member of our trained FUGE Camps staff, who also leads the Bible study. Each activity serves a specific purpose and is debriefed so students can make application in their lives.

Students also participate in Track Times. Track Times are created to give students the opportunity to participate in something with which they are familiar, or try something new! Students are divided into “tracks” based on a list of activities they indicate during the registration process. We offer creative, active, performance, and classroom-based activities during these times, and each track is led by a member of the FUGE Camps staff.

where is glorieta?

Tucked in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at the southernmost part of the Rocky Mountain chain, Glorieta Camps, an affiliate camp of Camp Eagle, has welcomed millions of guests since its founding 60 years ago and has been home to FUGE Camps since our very first summer in 1979. Glorieta offers both Centrifuge and MFuge.

why do we go so far away?

Last summer, we took the trek to Bolivar, Missouri.  This year it's Glorieta, New Mexico.  Why do we go so far away for camp?  One of the first things that hinders students from camp is a feeling that it isn't different from any other week.  We travel to camp to get our students to realize that this is a different kind of week.  It's one where our focus is different, where our schedule isn't in our control. Second, we travel so our students can separate themselves from their busy lives.  There isn't a "I could be doing..." mentality when you're hours away from home.  It helps students focus on what's in front of them, not on what they could be doing.  Finally, it's an experience to hop in a van and have a road trip.  Sleeping on the floor of some church, making inside jokes and having stories to tell people later.  The experience of camp is one that can be life changing for every student.  We simply try to take away any distraction that could keep students from hearing God.

What is this year's theme?

The 2024 theme for FUGE Camps is REVIVAL GENERATION.

Many times throughout history, we have seen the people of God rise up and turn back to Him with passion and fervor for their faith in times of great revival. What is revival? It isn’t goosebumps or an emotional high. Revival is the spiritual awakening of God’s people to their true nature and purpose. Revival is mainly for God’s people, but those who do not know Christ also benefit because Christians actually get serious about their faith. Has the time come for another great revival? Will your generation lead the way? Join us for FUGE Camps 2024 as we look at four stories in the Bible of great change and revival that resulted in generational impact and be challenged to make a difference for generations to come.

“And my people, who bear my name, humble themselves, pray and seek my face, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”   

2 Chronicles 7:14