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 Undeniable Truth 

We will never compromise the unfailing truth of the Word of God, no matter the circumstance.

Determined Discipleship 

We will never stop growing in Christ or encouraging the growth of other believers.

Attractional Love 

We will love others as Christ has loved us, in all ways and at all times, so that the world may see Christ through our love.

Authentic Community 

We will never stop the pursuit of the Church being transformed into the community that functions according to God’s design.

Our Purpose

to be a community where authentic Christian transformation is realized in our being and purpose. We seek to accomplish this with every member encountering Christ and engaging others in Christ.

The church is an important community for believers to grow in their faith and encounter Christ. The church should also be a place where people can engage with others and build relationships. Membership in a church allows people to have a sense of belonging and community. It also allows people to contribute to the life of the church and to the mission of the church. The church is called to engage with the world and to reach out to those who are lost and hurting. The church should be a place of healing and hope for all people.



Every follower of Christ is a part of the larger Church, including all believers past, present, and future. So why do we need to "join" a local congregation and become a member? First, we see the early church meeting in local churches and identifying with local congregations. Many of the letters in the New Testament address these local churches. Christ also sends messages to local churches through the Apostle John in Revelation 1-3. Second, Paul tells us in Ephesians 4:12 that God has given each believer spiritual gifts, “for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the Body of Christ.” We have our spiritual gifts to benefit the local church, providing for unity and discipleship of others. In turn, by being committed to a local Church, we are able to receive the fellowship, discipleship and accountability from others. 

At Acton Baptist Church, we hold church membership in high regard. The process is simple. Anyone desiring membership simply needs to be a follower of Jesus Christ who has participated in believer’s baptized by emersion. Share with a pastor your desire to commit to ABC. This opens up all kinds of opportunities to discover and use your spiritual gifts and to work arm in arm with others to reach Granbury and the world for Christ.

If you would be interested in taking the next step to membership at Acton Baptist, complete the form and let us know.  We'd love to get in contact with you and talk about church membership.


Are you new to Acton Baptist or do you still feel new? Whether you are a new member or still checking us out, this class is for you. Every quarter, we offer a Next Steps class and luncheon from noon to 3pm following services in the Fellowship Hall. We will be covering the unique aspects of Acton Baptist Church including what we believe, who we are, and member expectations. All we ask is that you pre-register below in the events section because space is limited.  If you have any questions regarding the Next Steps class, feel free to message us.

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Men's Breakfast

February 10, 2024