Applying the Truth of God to Daily Life

Become who God created you to be

Our students are learning so much in their teen years.  Their world is constantly trying to define who they are.  Our youth ministry seeks to help students see who they are in God's eyes, help them walk in who He has made them to be, and walk alongside parents in discipling their teens.

How do we accomplish our purpose?

Spending Time with God

Sometimes it's the only spiritual habit we think about when growing spiritually. Spending time with God is about personal spiritual discipline. If teenagers are ever going to make their faith their own, they've got to start spending time with God on their own. It means opening the Bible on their own, having conversations with God on their own, and discovering how they best connect with God through worship on their own.

Spending time with others

Engaging in healthy community can, and should, be a spiritual habit we help teenagers develop. But "healthy community" doesn't just mean hanging out with other Christians. Spending time with others is about growing in godly relationships. We do this through small groups and empowering teenagers to engage in relationships with others in their communities.

Using Your Gifts

Students need to know that God made them unique, with really specific gifts, talents, passions, and resources. Then they need to use those gifts to love God, love others, and impact the world around them. When teenagers begin to discover who God made them to be, and the use their unique identity to love both God and others, they grow.

Telling Your Story

Teenagers need to learn how to talk about God. Sharing your story is the spiritual habit of making faith a regular, everyday, go-to topic of conversation in our lives. Because when we talk about God's place in our story (or, more accurately, our place in God's story), it helps us believe, helps us understand, and helps us take ownership of our own faith.

Join us any time

6th-8th Grade Bible Study

Sundays | 9:00-10:15am

Youth Center

The goal is to be more like Jesus every day.  While discipleship takes a lifetime, the day-to-day work is right there in front of us.  6th, 7th, and 8th graders will comb through Scripture and learn how the truth of God applies to their everyday circumstances and how their faith is a key component in their lives.

9th-12th Grade Bible Study

Sundays | 9:00-10:15am

Youth Center

What does an active faith look like? Am I allowed to doubt? Can I ask questions?  These are the issues that our high schoolers tackle every week in their Bible study group.  Looking through God's Word and understanding their questions are a way to draw them closer to God.


Wednesdays| 6:00-7:30pm

Youth Center

A time of weekly fellowship, worship, and teaching for students 6th grade through 12th. Students will be challenged by God's Word and spend time meeting with small group leaders that walk alongside them and learn how to apply Scripture to their lives.


Fuge Camp

June 11-17

It's the best week of summer.  ABYM is heading to Glorieta, New Mexico, along with hundreds of other students from around the country, to take part in Fuge camp.  


Parent Center

We make a point in our youth ministry to make sure students know that, although we love them and want them to feel that they belong here at ABC, That you are the most important influence in their lives.  As a patron, you are making a huge impact in the lives of the teenagers in our ministry. The impact you're making is far more significant that any impact we, their church, could ever hope to make.  You are the most important voice in your teenager's life, both now and for a lifetime.

Because of that fact, we want to be your partner in ministry.  Our small group leaders are here to come alongside you by creating a pool of trustworthy adults who can help you influence your teenager.  Our ministry is designed so that you always know what is going on, what is being taught, and who is speaking into the life of your teenager.  Listen to our weekly podcast for help navigating the world of teenagers and learn ways that you can be intentional in faith-based parenting.

Parent Podcast

May 20, 2024

Caring...Part 3


Acton Baptist has partnered with HomePointe to offer families tips in every season of life.  Check out some of the tools we offer to help you build a strong family.

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Our Youth Ministry Team

Our team would love to get to know you.  Feel free to contact our youth pastor, Josh, by clicking below.

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Serving with ABYM

One of the most important parts of our ministry is the adults who invest in the lives of our students

We are looking for men who want to show our teenage boys what it means to be a biblical man, women who are willing to love our teenage girls, and grandparents for those in our group who are spiritually orphaned. Greeters, someone who's willing to be a little uncomfortable, knowing that a smile can change an entire day for a teenager. Will you join us as we lead our students to encounter Jesus and engage their world every Wednesday evening?

Youth Volunteer Application