Growing Together

Our passion here in the Acton Baptist Youth Ministry is to take the good news of the gospel of Christ Jesus to students grades 6-12 in our community and build up the faith of students who claim Christ.

Built with students in mind

We desire to equip students to stand strong in their faith and be able to defend it. We want students to have a genuine faith that is their own, not because you were raised in church but because you truly know the Creator of the Universe.

Partnering with Parents 

Learn more about what we are about here at Acton Baptist Youth Ministry. And how we strive to partner with you, as you minister to your youth. 


Comedy Night Live

September 29 8:00pm-6:00am



strengthen youth in their knowledge and love for Jesus.

We are looking for men who want to show our teenage boys what it means to be a biblical man, women who are willing to love our teenage girls, and grandparents for those in our group who are spiritually orphaned. Greeters, someone who's willing to be a little uncomfortable, knowing that a smile can change an entire day for a teenager. Will you join us as we lead our students to encounter Jesus and engage their world every Wednesday evening?

Youth Volunteer Application