What is a wraparound ministry?

We are not all called to foster or adopt; we are all called to care about vulnerable children. Acton Baptist church has the privilege to walk alongside foster families during the time God calls them to foster children. As a church we say





Meet Vickie Akins, who, along with her husband Randy, founded Chosen Ones in 2007. Their mission is to recruit and support foster families. Vickie would love to help walk you through your fostering journey.

Foster Parenting FAQs

The length of time depends on the agency through which you choose to become licensed. Each agency has different training schedules and requirements. This is a question to ask the agencies you are considering.

Foster youth may share space with biological youth but there are age and space restrictions around this.

Yes, the requirements are as follows: 

§749.3021. How much space must bedrooms used by foster children have?

Subchapter O, Foster Homes: Health and Safety Requirements, Environment, Space and Equipment Division 4, Space and Equipment January 2007

  • Medium (a) A bedroom must have at least 40 square feet of space for each occupant and no more than four occupants per bedroom are permitted, even if the square footage of the room would accommodate more than four occupants. The four occupants restriction does not apply to children receiving treatment services for primary medical needs.
  • Medium (b) Single occupant bedrooms must have at least 80 square feet of floor space.
  • Medium-Low (c) The floor space requirement must not include closets or other alcoves.
  • Medium (d) Floor space must be space that children can use for daily activities.
  • No Weight (e) If a foster home was verified before January 2007, then a foster home is exempt from the maximum bedroom occupancy requirement until: (1) The foster family moves to a new home; (2) The foster home is structurally altered by adding a new room; or (3) The foster home’s verification is no longer valid.

Absolutely! Your foster children should be treated as a member of your family while they are in your home. Vacations do need approval from the child’s permanency specialist, but we certainly hope to promote normalcy for your foster youth while they live in your home.

Visitation with biological parents is scheduled through the child’s permanency specialist.

This depends on the move. How far was the move? Do you still have the same community/supports?

Yes, a newborn is a major life change. Your baby should be at least one year old before you consider becoming licensed to foster.

Relatives and other people with whom the child or family have a significant relationship often can provide stability when children can’t live with their birth parents. Kinship placement can serve as a temporary foster placement or a long-term adoption, based on the status of the case.

current abc foster families

Whether you’ve been around abc for a while as a foster or adoptive family, or if you’re new to our community, we would love to get to know you. Please help by completing the form below. This will also allow us to share opportunities and gatherings at abc designed to support and encourage foster and adoptive families.

Are you an adoptive or foster family?


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When you receive your placement

the Acton Baptist Wraparound response team is a group of volunteers that deliver immediate needs to foster care parents upon initial placement.  Contact us as soon as placement occurs. 

Wrap around a foster family

What does wrapping around a family look like?

  • Laundry Support - Help the family by picking up their laundry, washing their clothes, folding, & returning it to their home. 
  • Errand Support - Help to pick up and deliver groceries (pre-ordered and paid for by foster family) or run errands (usually once a week).
  • Provide a Meal - Provide a meal once a month to the same foster family.
  • Relief Care - Give families and parents relief by providing care for children to allow parents the opportunity for a date night or alone time. This opportunity will require additional training.

Give to the foster Care Ministry

Donations are accepted for supplies for our foster families.  Click below and search for the line "Redeeming Families" to give to our foster care ministry.

Wrap Team Training Registration

Youth Volunteer Application 

If you are interested in serving in the Wrap Around Ministry, we ask that you attend an informational and training session to learn more about how to best support and care for foster families. Every volunteer is required to attend one of these sessions as part of the onboarding process.  Please check the box below if you would like to attend the next session.


wraparound team faqs

The primary way we support and care for foster families is through the formation of Wrap Around teams that meet the tangible needs of each of our foster families. Wrap teams usually consist of 10-12 adults who each commit to consistently providing a specific form of support to a specific family.

Wrap Team members meet tangible needs of the family to gift the foster parents with more time to care for the kids.

When a child enters a family through the foster care system, that child brings with them complicated behaviors and emotions resulting from the trauma of being removed from their home and being placed with an unfamiliar family.  The burden on families to appropriately care for these kids can be daunting.  There are extra medical appointments, therapy appointments, court appearances, meetings with DCS, birth family visitations and a myriad of other demands on top of regular parenting responsibilities.

You can wrap around a family in the following ways:

  • Provide laundry support twice a week, with another team member (2 volunteers once a week each).
  • Volunteer to pick up and deliver groceries (pre-ordered and paid for by foster family) or run errands (usually once a week).
  • Join a meal team of 4 people who take turns providing a meal for the family once a week. (Each person on the team provides a meal a month).
  • Provide relief care which consists of watching all the children in the household one night a month to allow the foster parents to have a “date night” for the health of their marriage. Relief care teams always consist of 2 volunteers every time you watch the children. You will be teamed with a Relief Care partner.

All potential volunteers will need to attend a brief training session, fill out a volunteer application, provide personal/professional references and will need to pass a background check and have an interview with an ABC ministry leader.

While there is no specific length of time a volunteer needs to commit to, this is a relational ministry, and the hope is that each volunteer would feel a longer term commitment to serve their family.

Additional support

Chosen Ones

Sometimes families just need a listening ear, help enrolling in a program, spiritual counseling, or simply a pack of diapers, food and clothes for their kids.  Chosen Ones is committed and dedicated to making sure these temporary, but important needs are met so that foster parents can remove some unwanted stress. Please let us know how we can help. We look forward to serving you!

Foster Support

Wrap Around invites you to “Foster Together,” a weekly support gathering for foster families. Foster parenting is hard, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. So join us for honest conversation, prayer, fun, laughter and encouragement from other parents who have “been there”.

Our Community Our Kids (OCOK)

OCOK is a division of ACH Child and Family Services providing a continuum of services for children in the Texas foster care system of Region 3b which includes: Erath, Hood, Johnson, Palo Pinto, Parker, Somervell, and Tarrant counties. As a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, OCOK provides information for you to get started on this journey. Click below to learn more!